My @ring doorbell broke during my city's weird version of Halloween. Great job, ring. Sorry trick-or-treaters.

Hi neighbor, we want to ensure that your Ring Doorbell is operating in top condition to keep your home secure. Please send us a private message with some more details about your device, and we would be happy to assist you further.

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@broox @ring It went to “direct to police” mode
@broox @ring My doorbell literally broke tonight too. But it's a wired one.
I assure you that it's not operating in top condition. Home is secure tho.
It's important that you're satisfied with your Ring and that it performs at its optimum level. Please send us a DM letting us know which device you have, and in which way it broke. Our Social Care Advocates are happy to work with you to get this taken care of.

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@broox @ring What do you think you'll do with all those toothbrushes now?

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