I’ve never seen trees just snapped in half like they are around Des Moines right now... we’re now 8 hours without power, internet or cell service. What a crazy storm that was.

Stay safe! Praying for a quick recovery and that everyone is safe.

MPilonn posted

Welcome to 2020.

kylejlewis posted

@broox @harper Hope everyone's ok!

Having said that... No power, internet or cell, but Twitter still works?? 🤔
@BobbyCahillJr @harper I have to go for drives to charge my phone and get data service.
@broox @harper Was wondering if you had some other technology I didn't know about. 😀

I've been there. Multi-day power outages suck. At least you're able to drive. The news seems to imply they're making progress and it should only be (up to) a couple more days. Good luck and stay safe!
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