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This weekend Nathan and I went to Minneapolis for a couple Heely demos. For the most part it was pretty fun, but it was also sort of annoying. The roads around the Twin Cities suck... bad. Seriously, 35w does not mean 35 west, wtf. And it sucks even more that the people living there can't give you good directions to anything.

Friday night we decided to go to Mystic Lake (one of the biggest casinos in the midwest). The guy at the front desk of our hotel gave us directions that got us completely lost. It took us over an hour to get somewhere that was 15 minutes away... It made us both annoyed, frustrated, and pissed off. Once we got there we stayed for about 30 minutes... I've never really gone to a casino other than to eat... It's really funny because the crowd is the same that I'd expect to see at a NASCAR race. We got lost several other times due to bad directions and other stuff... stupid Minnesota, my first time there and I already hate it, haha. The accents are funny though. It's also funny that there are signs everywhere that say "Guns are banned on these premises" wtf?

Saturday Morning we had the Trade Home demo @ Eden Prairie, which was pretty fun. This one lady asked us if we wanted to model for commercials and stuff... I think she was a model too so we hung out with her and made her try heelys, hehe. We also ran into a guy that we met at Mickey's Irish Pub in Des Moines... that was really weird. But then we had to leave early because security busted us twice for rolling around the mall...

After the demo we met Blain (Nathan's old boss from Nottingham - great accent) at Rock Bottom Minneapolis. Then we went to Drink - The Original Fun Bar. The Drink in Minneapolis was a lot different. No pool tables... more like a club or something. After that we went to Fitzgerald Theater in St Paul to see the Heiruspecs show... which turned out not to be a Heiruspecs show at all. It was an old person show with a lot of 2 song acts. Sit down seating, lots of older people. I was dissapointed. So after that we went to the Mall of America again. They have bars and clubs on the 4th floor at night, it's actually pretty cool.

Sunday we had our Mall of America demo. That mall is really really big, plus there are a lot of legos and hot girls... but the demo was a bit boring.

Anyway, it was a good time... however I am not in any hurry what-so-ever to go back to Minnesota.


  • me and nicole went to minnesota a couple years ago to go to the mall of america, and gamble a little at mystic lake...we found the casino ok, but nobody could seem to tell us how to get back to the interstate when we were leaving...i'm not sure half of them even knew what an interstate was...we ended up buying a map from some gas station attendant who had trouble grasping our basic english, and navigating our own way back to iowa...

    nick posted

  • oh, i forgot to mention that we didn't even go to mystic lake. once we finally got there we decided to go to the first casino we ran into, which was called "little six." it was really small. it was 90% slots and 10% black jack.

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  • Yeah... Minnesota sucks a-hole. The MOA is pretty cool, and it has a Hooters.

    We should take a trip to Vegas.

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  • Yeah...all the trees around here point north, cause Minnesota sucks. I agree, lets go to Vegas.

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  • Hey now! Minnesota isn't that bad, I am from there! I'm not gonna deny the accents because mine gets pretty bad. I haven't had problems gettin around and the MOA really isn't that great. Lego land can be cool but too many douche bag tourists who come from far to see a giant mall! Usually there are good concerts n shows so that parts cool, you just went at a shitty time!

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  • i forgot to mention the other music that i heard. first of all this one guy hooked me up with a Chopper Girl promo CD. it's pretty funny... she is all gangsta like missy elliot or something, but then she is whiter than she could possibly be. like, she's not even tan, haha. whatever though, it's a good cd. i like listening to it.

    i also heard the band 'Coach Said Not To" at Fitzgerald Theater. they were actually pretty good, my second favorite to heiruspecs at that show. it was 2 sisters singing and playing guitar/bass. another girl on keyboard and a dude on drums. so i bought the cd for kari... definitely a good girl band.

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