Minnesota - Josh's Birthday posted

What a fun weekend. The days were sorta weird due to messed up sleep patterns. It kinda seemed like one long day. But anyway...

Friday, Kevi, Kari, and I drove up to Morgan to meet Josh Lueck for a Birthday Bash. We got to his house at 11:30pm, picked up Jolene and then met Josh at work (@ Jackpot Junction). Kevi and I played some Pai Gow poker, which is a really fun game and Kari found out that she hated casinos, which was funny. Once Josh got off work (@ 2am) we drove up to the cabin we'd be staying in at Leech Lake. On the way there we saw the temperature get down to 29 degrees, wtf. We got there at 7:30am and napped til about 1.

After that there was lots of hanging out with the family that owned the cabin. We played croquet (I came from behind and won, w00t), Texas hold 'em, etc. Kari and Jolene got along really well, which was perfect. We also took the boat out on the lake, which is gigantic, and a lot more clear than what I'm used to. We got pretty wet, hung out, and goofed around. After all that, a lot of awesome food was made... I didn't really eat much because this one lady made us feel unwelcome, but the chicken was soooo good. Later we just hung around the fire and went to some restaurant/bar in Walker which had really really good pizza.

Yesterday we spent the day driving home and got back at 10:30 last night. Nipple!!!


  • What kind of beer did you put up the ass of those poor chickens?

    vanwinkle posted

  • Sounds like a fun weekend....in Minnesota?!?! Kraus would be proud, very, very proud.

    r00 posted

  • oh yeah, i forgot to mention that there are DQs EVERYWHERE in minnesota. almost every exit had one.

    derek posted

  • dude, don't bash minnesota man...i think i have a cousin that lives there or something...

    nick posted

  • Heh. I'll second that. You can have fun in MN? Wha?..

    I'm joking. relax you Minnesotites (or whatever the fuck you're called)

    Greg posted

  • sooooo, apparently the guy we visited that weekend (josh's friend phil) just killed a guy in a drunken snowmobile collision and is now in prison. crazy.

    derek posted