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Man, I really haven't had the energy to blog... but I suppose it's time to write about last weekend.

So, Nathan, Josh, and I met up in Minneapolis for another big going-out fest, similar to what we did last year for Josh's birthday. The plan is basically to go to Minneapolis on Friday and come home on Sunday - that's it. Everything else just sort of falls into place, which is generally chaos.

We first walked into our hotel, right next door to the greyhound station and a salvation army home, to find that a goth festival was going on. There were tons of goth/metal kids and all sorts of "Crypticon" gear - the name of the festival. It was pretty hilarious.

So after checking that out, we decided to venture downtown for dinner. First stop, Solera - a tapas place. We sorta just randomly walked in and decided to eat there, which was a weird, weird choice. Don't get me wrong, I like fancy little dishes - but I like those dishes with my gf or something. It was really weird for 3 college, beer drinking buddies to sit down and eat octopus ceviche, goat cheese fritters, and olive oil poached salmon. So after devouring our 4 ounces of food, we quickly bolted and got burgers at The Lone Tree, haha.

While at Lone Tree we met up with Nathan's preplanned hook-up, Leslie, for free Drinks. Then we ran over to Aqua to visit Diverse, who was spinning that night. It was quite funny - Leslie guaranteed that we couldn't get in. In fact, she was pretty adamant about it. But... much thanks to Diverse for getting us in - at the front of the line, under dress code, for free. wooo woooooo. Then, after hanging out with Diverse for a bit, we ran back to Drink for dancing, and ended our bar hopping by getting kicked out of the Loon.

Finally, after the bars closed we got lost looking for Diverse's hotel and then hung out with the Crypticon kids.

Saturday we woke up, had Pizza Lucce, then took the light rail down to the MOA - with a pit stop on Lake St for some brown bagged Fat Tire. At the mall we checked out Rodney Lough's ridiculous gallery, shopped around, and found some clothes that would probably make girls all hot.

After the mall, we came home, hung out, and of course went back out... more bars, under dress code, and even VIP. This time we pulled it all by ourselves though - running around between Old Chicago, The Loon, Drink, and Spin. It was just madness. We knew no one and persuaded everyone. We brought the party. haha.

So yeah, that was mpls. It ended up killing our wallets, but it was a blast... and totally worth it. Photos.

In other news, I got my computer, I didn't get a car, and the Road rally is this weekend.
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  • We straight up ran that town! Describe it!

    Nathan posted

  • It's soft....

    Josh posted

  • dang... i totally meant to blog about the description, but i forgot.

    derek posted

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