Mustangs want me posted

Alright so my MAFS went out right? I called several dealerships and junkyards trying to find this part. The prices ranged from $325-$680. And I found another guy that would give me one in trade of a case of beer. Well that guy sucked at communicating, so I sucked at trusting him. I don't know... no options were being presented, which normally doesn't happen to me. So it had to be something else

Yesterday I pull into my apartment and the "super tuner buff" was outside his garage working on one of his cars. I rolled down my window and told him to listen to my car. He's like, "Ah it's missing, check the plugs and wires." This is a drastic difference from the $680 MAFS. Spark plugs are about $8 for 4. So I got them, put them in tonight, and my car is perfect. I've already had a Mustang GT reving its engine at me and I can now hold my ground. Soon, Aaron, your mustang is mine. MINE. haha.
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  • Derek, before we run I think you better find the other half of your motor. Ha ha ha

    Aaron posted

  • hahaha, punk.

    derek posted

  • Man, you know all those extra cylinders are just slowing you down. Stoopid mustangs.

    vanwinkle posted

  • Damn...that is a big difference in costs. Glad it worked out for you.

    r00 posted