My Bumper's Fixed and My Drawers are Dirty posted

Today after work I stopped by the body shop to pick up my car. I got a new front bumper, the fender fixed, and both are coated in brand new paint. Now I'm only $1k down, ha. BUT.. It looks really really good. I am so happy with it.

So I was driving home from the shop, I went around a corner, punched the gas, the turbo kicked in, and the tires broke loose to the max. It felt good, I missed it. Then I heard a *CLUNK*, my car about died, and I couldn't go above 25 mph. (Queue my dirty drawers.) I started to pull over, but I was less than a mile from home and the car still ran. So I drove home and walked straight into the house. I did NOT want to see what blew up. Finally I got the balls and opened it up. The upper intercooler pipe had just gotten blown out of the intake manifold, haha. Which will take me 5 minutes to fix.

I love my car. It's just as moody as my girlfriend.
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  • I think your car is less moody than Kari. Also I don't think your car is nearly as fast as my motorcycle and requires alot more maintenence. I think you should look into getting a ride just like mine because it's awesome and runs on alcohol only.

    nathan posted

  • Damn you found the problem. i wanted to try to sound smart and tell you what it probably was before you looked..Tighten those clamps down punk!

    Marc posted

  • actually the problem was that something messed with my boost level. i dont know if they played with my mbc or what. but for some reason my turbo was hitting 20+ psi... so that easily popped the uicp out.

    derek posted

  • i want to ride the motorcycle sometime!!

    kevi posted

  • I have no idea what the hell you guys are talking about!

    Ben posted

  • talking about their boost level, PSI, tightening clamps.. obviously they're talking about their girlfriends

    Greg posted

  • We are speaking of BIG T-25 turbos and so much intake power it blows hoses off..

    Marc posted

  • hahaha. yep. i have a stock 2g turbo.


    derek posted

  • Thanks for calling me on Saturday.

    Ben posted