My car has some serious legality issues posted

I got pulled over again for the blue lights on my hood last night... that brings the tally up to 12. I also got pulled over a couple months ago for not having a front license plate and having my windows tinted too dark. I talked my way out of the license plate one, but he still ticketed me for the windows, and then tried to say I wasn't wearing my seatbelt, which as stupid, cause I always wear it.

Sooo, I guess 2 tickets out of 12 stops isn't bad. And one wasn't even a moving violation.
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  • YOU said it was the 13th time! Good God, get it right.

    "Broox95: i think that's number 12

    Broox95: i mean 13"

    Tanner posted

  • You're lucky. In Maryland, the cop'll watch you peel your tint off the windows. If he's not an asshole, he'll just give you a 10-day fix-or-be-fucked ticket.

    Alex posted

  • and tint your front windows...such a wang

    alexei posted