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I love my car. In fact, I love my car so much that even though it almost has 130,000 miles on it, I've decided that I'm going to restore it rather than buy a new car. The only problem is, stupid things keep happening to it! For instance, last fall (shortly after I got my new body kit on) I went and bought a new cell phone (you probably saw the article about it on this site). Anyway, I was so caught up in my cell phone that when I went back out to my car I was only paying attention to the phone. I backed up, and "CRACK!" I backed right into a truck. It wasn't that hard but it was definitly hard enough to put a 6 inch crack in my bumper cover. It was completely my fault, but the truck was not there when I pulled in, so in a matter of 3 minutes I pulled in, ran inside, got my phone, ran back outside, and backed away into a truck that must've appeared 30 seconds after I pulled in.

Another thing just happened to me yesterday. I'm driving down the interstate to Newton, IA and this car in front of me throws some black thing back at my car. It looked like a 4 inch round piece of blacktop. Anyway, I see it coming and i just hear a "DUNGGG!" The sound seemed to hang around for a long time, as if whatever it hit was vibrating. I knew exactly what happened... It came up and put a big dent in my front grill. WEAK!

The whole point of saying all that was just to talk about my lame complications that keep holding me back. But my plans for spring are to put lamborghini-style doors on my car. You know, those ones that lift up, rather than swing out. I'd also like to shave the door handles off of my car and put them on remote poppers. This way, once I install the hydraulics on the doors, I can just walk up, push the door popper button on my remote and both of my doors would raise, hehe. During this time I'm also going to put my sideskirts on, fix those lame door dings, fix my back bumper, and get it all painted.

...Then I'm going to start on the engine, hehehe.
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  • Man. Lamborghini-style doors..

    Stop thinking about it and just do it. Pretty f-ing sweet. Make sure to get lots of pictures. You'll definitly get lots of shock/attention value with those things.

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  • buy my eclipse

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  • The Doors your talking about are called Gul-wing doors. Just a piece of info I thought I'd toss out so you can look for kits for your car. I found a car just like yours for sale here in canton only 900 bucks I thought it would make a nice parts car if you were interested. The new gear woke my car up. so we will have to run em some time soon....

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  • Check out this pic of them on my car:

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