My Fartcan is on Order posted

So today after finding out my financial situation is not crappy, I ordered myself a new exhaust... or fartcan if you hate that import exhaust sound.

Anyway, I got a 3" stainless steel turbo back exhaust with a 4" tip from RnR Racing. I can't wait. I'm gonna be so loud, haha. I should go ahead and insulate my trunk now.
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  • Dude, I want my money back ;)


    Anonymous posted

  • haha, i'm using that money for paint.

    derek posted

  • Its gonna be bad....ass. Think your car will be complete by the end of the summer???

    r00 posted

  • definitely not. though i wish it would be.

    still need:

    -exhaust manifold (evo III)

    -port my 02 housing

    -high flow fuel pump

    -turbo (big 16g or evo III 16g)

    -data logger

    -fuel management controller

    -high flow fuel injectors

    -front mount intercooler



    -big brake system

    that is a lot of money, but man... i am about halfway to my goal. if i get all that stuff i should be close to 400hp, haha. i'd like to get the manifold and fuel pump replaced this summer. and then maybe the o2 housing ported. then we'll see how much my ARP check is next year, hehehe.

    derek posted