My New Gig: Helping Reelect the President posted

So my buddy, Harper is currently serving as the CTO for the 2012 Obama Campaign. This spring, he told me I should interview to join his team. However, after taking the 5 hour commute and a couple other minor details into consideration, I declined.

… and regretted it immediately. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, working on technology for our president with a team of baller engineers. There would've been a lot of sacrifice, but the experience and knowledge I could've gained would have been completely insane.

So fast forward a few weeks... I began talking with Harper and his team again.

Today, I accepted an offer with Obama for America - so did my friend, Nick.

Most of you probably know that I'm not a very political dude. I mean... I did just vote for the first time in 2008. However, I do enjoy having Obama in office much, much more than our previous president... and I'd really like to build innovative tools to help see what he could do with another four years.

SO, for the next 15 months, I'll be spending a lot of time in Chicago building awesome things to power Obama's campaign. It's going to be awesome.

I'm kinda looking at this as a mixture of going off to grad school and working for a slightly less risky startup… I'll be away from family, stressed, learning a ton, working long hours, and be completely enamored in my work. I'll probably even have to go buy a crappy bed and desk to put into some apartment that I share with people I don't know, heh. (P.S. if you or any of your friends need a roommate or 2, I know of a couple great guys that will need a place to sleep).

Which brings me to the absolute worst part about this new gig… I'm going to be spending a LOT of time away from Kari, which is going to be really rough. However, it'll also be the second time we've done the long distance thing... so we know how to work it. I'm gonna commute back to Des Moines as much as possible, and there are some potential opportunities for me to work at home from time to time.

So yea. That's the big new thing in my life.

I fully anticipate this being the longest 15 months of my marriage and the hardest 15 months of my career… but I also have a feeling it will be absolutely worth it.
I'm totally excited for this gig - and for the person I will be in December 2012.

Please come visit me when I'm in Chicago. And if you're coming from Des Moines, you better let my wife ride along.


  • My most sincere congrats!! A fantastic opportunity and i promise to come visit you with your wifey in tow. My best to you both!! Outstanding news!!

    Rico posted

  • wow Derek that is amazing! Congratulations on such an exciting, important, and unique opportunity!! Jake and I did the long distance thing for a year while married and 1.5 engaged... It is very hard but you can do it! Thank goodness for skype :)

    Juliet Thomas posted

  • Awesome Derek! Happy for you, it will be a great adventure and learning experience. Very cool!

    Paige posted

  • Wow dude. Congrats and pretty danged awesome. Will be hard but a pretty unique opportunity. You rock.

    Mathew posted

  • Derek... I could cry I am so happy. If it is not SO CLEAR, I love our President. And I feel even better that you will be one of the people behind him. He needs you! I know you and Kari both are strong enough to make it through! Congrats my friend! And thank you!

    Allie posted

  • I am so jealous! I am sure you will do a super fantastic job. Please get him re-elected so I won't have to move to cold Canada, they have bears there you know.

    Julie posted

  • I guess I'm not about to cry because I'm so happy, but I am definitely happy/proud for you. Congrats man! It should be a great step in the right direction.

    Josh posted

  • Congrats Derek! I am super happy for you and selfishly happy that this means I get to see more of you, Kari, Nick, and Nicole in Chicago!!! If I hear of any spots for you and Nick to crash, I will let you know!

    Drea posted

  • Congrats Derek 'awesome' Brooks! So happy for you. Good luck!!! This opportunity is going to be fabulous...enjoy and be like a sponge...absorb everything you can learn.

    Cheers to your new path to awesomeness!

    Shanthala posted

  • Congratulations! I look forward to visiting you guys on a week when you're not working 18 hour days. Which means I probably better do it pretty soon, right?

    Mike posted

  • Shoot! I'll drag Kari, Nicole and the dogs to see you two!! Congrats you guys are gonna do awesome!!


    The Mixed Sister :)

    Lexie posted

  • Realy, REALLY excited and proud of you Derek, glad you are taking this great opportunity,, you are so smart, talented & great at networking... I'm sure the sky is the limit for you! I love you & am very proud of you & Kari both!

    mom posted

  • I knew you guys were hip!

    Kari posted

  • Derek that is SOOO awesome!!! I am VERY, VERY proud of everything you have accomplished so far in life. As hard as you work and with your talents nobody deserves it more! I was hoping you would accept the position. I am very confident that something amazing will come out of it. Love you, Dad

    Dad posted

  • Amazing news Derek Broox!! Sounds like a great opportunity!... If Kari ever needs road trip buddy I'd be happy to fill that role since, well, you know. Ha. Once again congrats my dude!! Good luck to you and Nick.

    Red posted

  • Great news Derek! You will be a great asset to the team. You are very talented and opportunity driven. Very proud of you!!

    Your mother in law posted

  • Congratulations! Not many people get opposite like this. You'll do great!

    When is the party?

    Wingert posted

  • autocorrect strikes again!!

    I meant to say opportunities.

    Wingert posted

  • The party is August 3rd!

    derek posted