New Years 2006 posted

Kari and I drove out to Chicago again for New Years Eve. The plan was usual: hanging out with harper, good food, going out, along with going to the party/Gaylords concert at Kill Hannah's Practice Space.

Friday we pulled into town and met Harper at Sushi wabi for a great great meal, then we went to Kill Hannah's practice space and hung out for a bit while the band practiced, heh. It was pretty nice, they were totally rocking out. Then we got to listen to the new Kill Hannah album. It sounded really good. I think it will be much more popular than some of the past stuff. I can't wait for it to come out. Kari's cousin and her bf also met up with us at their apartment, then we went out to Ybar for a bit. After Ybar, Crobar, then home.

Saturday we woke up, had pizza at Giordano's, shopped around Michigan Ave, had some Champagne with Harper and Kinnera, then went to Reza's for dinner. That dinner is so good. Afterwards we went to a house party to bring in the new year. It was fun. Then we had the Afterparty at the practice loft. Harper and I worked the door again, while Kari and Kinnera hung out in the window with us. This year we had a list, a really really unorganized list to restrict the crowd a bit. It was funny. Kids got mad about paying $3, there was a lot of, "I know _______, he/she's inside." or "I work for _______." It was funny. I usually mouthed off for their retardedness and they got mad. We saw some funny tattoos, met a playboy employee, got called names, laughed, made fun of people, got blacklisted?, wtf.... and possibly got the cops called on us. We didn't let these kids in who said they were going to have us blacklisted, then shortly after they left, half a dozen cops showed up and busted the entire party. It was stupid. I'm not really sure why it was busted, there was just music and fun. Maybe too many people. Or maybe punk kids calling the cops.

Anyway, after that happened we went back to the first party until really late, then we went home, slept, and drove back home. It's nice to see everyone there. I feel like I'm somewhat getting to know Harper's friends, but then they never remember me, haha.

Yesterday we had a couple people over for chili, video games, and movies. Playing Mario Kart on a 100" screen RULES - everyone gets their own 25" screen to play... so nice. And NES Excitebike on that size screen is hilarious. So is Contra... and California games. Next party, there will be lots of games played.

Photos from the weekend.
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  • Is it 100" across or diagonal? Because either way it doesn't add up to 25" per person...

    mike posted

  • haha. yeah i was typing fast and not thinking so i just divided 100 by 4.

    it's 100 diagonal, so i guess 50 inch screens.

    derek posted

  • I let you borrow Contra about 5 years ago! Im gonna be needing that back in a century or so....

    Jeff posted