Ninja's Knee(s) posted

We just went up to the vet to have Ninja's leg looked at. It turns out that he completely tore his cruciate ligament in his left leg.

The good news is that his knee is easily fixable with TPLO surgery.
The bad news is that it costs over $2,000.
The worse news is that his right knee is partially torn.

So right around Christmas time, I suppose we will be buying Ninja a second knee.
$5,000 on our free dog and we decided to go through with it.

...And don't get me wrong, I would like our 3 year old dog to have new knees, especially if money wasn't an issue... but the truth is - money is an issue. A big issue.

Please send money for Christmas presents this year...
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  • hahahaha. sucker. see where love gets you!

    harper posted

  • I'm telling you, throw a benefit party/concert for Ninja

    nicole posted

  • So sorry to hear about Ninja. You did what I would do and you won't regret it one second. I agree that you should throw a benefit. Get some local stores donate something and have a small auction with friends.

    Allie posted

  • We have an orange cat that we spent about 2000 pulling all his teeth, for medical reasons not because he was a biter, as well as fixing his bladder issue.Animals just weasel their way into your heart and take you money.

    dylan posted

  • in case anyone cares, ninja is now out of surgery and is resting in ICU. everything went well.

    hahaha, wtf.

    derek posted

  • shitty...hope after this he's better. And that's coming from me, so you know it's real.

    ben posted