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What's been up lately? Well yesterday we had another outing at Lake Panorama, which was nice. I golfed for the first time this year and shot pretty good - only hit 1 duffer and 1 slice. However, Nick and I got paired up with JD in a best shot "tournament." And if you don't know JD... all I can say is that he's really good at golf. So our group ended up 3 under, which was a 34, w00t! ...25 of those shots were JD's, haha.

After golf we went to Nehru's for a fantasy football draft. I'm not into football really, and especially not into fantasy football, but since Doug couldn't make it - I drafted his players, haha. I hope he does good. I have no idea what I picked.

Aside from that, Kari and I have been sticking around town. Last weekend we hung out with some friends, went to a tent party, shopped for trucks, etc. Actually, shopping for trucks was sorta fun, and sorta not fun. I decided that I really don't like trucks, especially when I try to picture myself driving them. The trucks I can afford are so not me. It's frustrating. If I'm gonna be in a truck, I want a big extended cab F150, billet grill, lifted, huge tires, and black tint. That or a Ford Lightening - lowered, and fast. Yeah, my bar is high... but I don't want to lower it. That's sorta like failure. I just need to keep figuring things out. My goal is still to get an i35i Europian Delivery Style. Ha. Stupid goals.

So back to trucks, I'm not digging this Ford Ranger, Chevy S10 business at all. Both look so feminine. It's hard for me to throw down $10,000 on something that I don't really like. But I guess a truck is just the smartest thing to do at this point - despite the crappy gas mileage and general hick feeling.

So, obviously the car situation is not going smoothly. I also haven't really decided what to do with my talon yet. I got it all cleaned up and took some pics so I can try to sell it. But I just can't bring myself to do that yet. It's worth a good $2000 even without it running. But, getting it all cleaned up just made me want to love it again, haha.

Grrr. Decisions are easier when money is not a variable. Money is stupid. Cars are awesome. I'm confused.
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  • if it helps at all, most trucks are 0% for 60 months, so that is free money to buy a new one! they can't move em out fast enough since gas $$'s are so high.

    jammey posted

  • and they have $2007 cash back to put toward the downpayment!

    jammey posted

  • are you dead...

    Jordan Muck posted

  • LOL, the visual is halarious!

    mom posted

  • which visual? the one of me being broke? the one of me being without a car? or me being a hick?

    derek posted

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