Oh yeah. Thanksgiving. posted

We had a bit of a change-up in the Thanksgiving tradition this year. No RG Books on Wednesday night, no oysters, no squash, no 18 course meal by Jeff, and no QC. This year we only went to 1 place - and it was only a half hour away - awesome.

Kari's parents got into town Wednesday night after putting a their truck in a ditch outside Grinnell. So instead of driving more, we decided to order take-out from Chili's and hang out at home.

Thanksgiving day was at Dave's this year, which was nice - good food, hanging out, etc. I didn't get crazy stuffed for the first time since... well, since I met Kari's family. I did sorta miss all those courses from Jeff though...

After thanksgiving we headed back to our place with Kari's parents and cousins to play scene it, eat pizza, and drink. I need to get a Wii.

Friday, we hung out with some family, met for lunch at Court Ave, then visited Moulton and Red 5 to show off where we work. After everyone left, Kari and I hung Christmas decorations - ya know.

Saturday - more family. The Terronez's came over for turkey noodle soup and a game of Stupid Ninja. Believe it or not - stupid ninja really is a stupid game. But a game nonetheless... which you can't win? Whatever, it was fun.

Sunday I spent working on my truck and hanging out while Kari shopped.

Family, food, drinks, and games.
I really, really like this holiday season so far. It's the first where I haven't been completely strapped for cash in a long time. I love it. I get to buy good presents!
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