Old and Boring @ Twenty Five posted

What an insane birthday. Seriously. And now that my life is 1/3 over, my insurance should go down now, ha. W00t.

Ok. Thursday, kari and I went to my parents' house for pizza, hanging out, etc.

Friday morning, we met my grandparents for breakfast, then headed into chicago for lollapalooza - my birthday present from kari. First we got the hotel - on the 37th floor of the grand Marriott on Michigan ave - my birthday present from jeff. Then we headed to lollapalooza, checked out the grounds, met up with the DSM peeps, and ended friday's fest with Ween. What a live show - incredible.

Later, we all met up @ Sushi Wabi for my bday dinner, which was amazing as usual.

After dinner we went to Sonotheque to see lady sovereign play. However she quit after 2 songs due to tech problems, haha. Then, crobar and an after party @ brock's house. It was a pretty crazy night. I broke chris holmes' tooth, karate kicked some styrofoam, saw the sun come up, and even made it onto Cobrasnake's site.

Day 2 (my b-day) of lollapalooza was really good. We saw Lyrics Born, Kill Hannah, and Blackalicious... then we hung out/laid around til kanye's set, which had the potential to be amazing if the sound guys wouldn't have sucked. He had live strings for all the songs and A-Track on turntables - amazing. GLC, Common, and Lupe Fiasco also came out to do songs. Great stuff.

It was also pretty crazy how many people we knew @ lollapalooza. Obviously, rico, nick/nicole, and mh. But we also saw Henson, Amjad, Micah, Jerred and his gf, C-Money, and we even ran into Perry Ferrel, ha.

After LP, Kari took me out to Le Colonial for my b-day, which is this great, great vietnamese place. So great in fact that it cost $170. Haha, wtf.

Then we met Harper and friends @ Tini Martinis, where an excellent DJ was spinning. And lastly we ended the night @ crobar around 4am.

Sunday we met Nick, Nicole, and MH at Reza's for some good, ol fashioned persian food. Then we headed to lollapalooza to see the shins for a minute. Their sound sucked real bad, plus I didn't know their stuff so we headed to Rev Horton Heat, who put on an amazing show while Perry Ferrel danced around on stage. I need to get more of his stuff.

After heat, we went to Queens of the Stone Age. Also a really great show. I need to get their new(ish) cd. And lastly was Red Hot Chili Peppers, whch was just ridiculous. I think 60,000 people were there. It was insanity - not to mention another great show.

Later, kari and I found a little irish pub for a midnight dinner and then headed home to finally get to bed early.

Monday we stopped by Vic's house to get lunch @ Giordano's then headed to C.R. To celebrate some more. We checked out blend - great food, and then stopped by RG Books, where we saw Xae.

So yeah. My B-day and Lollapalooza ruled - best one so far. Thanks to everyone for the gifts, and fun. The story can be better told in a less boring fashion through my photos.

My thumbs hate me... I just wrote this all on my sidekick.