Parties, Newton, Fair, etc. posted

Things have been pretty fun lately, busy again, but fun - and slowly becoming more insane.

Friday night was Zach's housewarming party, which was quite nice. Saturday, Jeff and I made 2 batches of beer, which I'm pretty sure will turn out awesome. We were focused on these batches, I'm excited. Afterwards, we all went to Newton to celebrate Morris' 80th B-Day. 200-300 people showed up, which is pretty insane. It's sort of sad that my parties are totally getting schooled by 80 year old folks, haha, wtf. Then, Sunday we went back to Newton for another family lunch. Things in Kari's family are a lot different than mine. When they get together, they do so for 3 days in a row several times a year. In my family, we get together for 3 hours... about 3 times a year - and that seems to be plenty. This weekend got me thinking about the differences in how Kari and I grew up. Quite interesting. I like parts of both versions.

Anyway, after Newton, we went out to the state fair with Kari's parents. I have this love/hate relationship with the fair. It's always the same thing, always. However, it's also basically 1 big photo-opp, which is pretty fun. Plus there is always some nice art to look at in the cultural building, not to mention huge animals and things on sticks.

Last night I checked out Luke's show at Vaudeville. It was pretty sad - Tuesday night, Des Moines, no minors. So the turnout sucked, however the music was great. Rebels Advocate, Animosity, Aeon Grey.

Next up, craziness. Seriously. Tomorrow, Cornell party. Friday, Minnesota for some Heelys demos. Next weekend, back to Minnesota for Josh's birthday. The weekend after that, Florida with Kevi. Hopefully I can get something done before winter.


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