1963 Chevy II Nova

  • Front of my Nova
  • BROOX 63
  • 63 Nova.  Ridin Spinnaz (original spinz)
  • a year of work paid off. 1 comment
  • The interior
  • Me in my 63 Nova on my 16th Birthday 1 comment
  • A woman smashed into me doing about 70.  :( 2 comments
  • A year's work - down the drain after 10 months. 2 comments

1963 Chevrolet Chevy II Nova

I bought this car when I was 15 as a rusty, turqoise, crappy looking car with no carpet and holes in the floors. By the time I turned 16, my dad and I had it completely restored to Mille Miglia Red with a beautiful white/red interior. I drove it for about 10 months when this lady (who makes me mad) hit me broadside doing about 70. This totalled my car.

Engine: 194 cubic inch Straight 6 with a 2 speed powerglide transimission.
Stereo: Sony Cassette deck directly wired to 10 disk Sony CD changer, Blaupunkt 6.5" speakers in the front and Blaupunkt 6x9's in the back, I also had a 10 inch Bazooka bass tube powered by a bridged Hifonics amp (at 180 watts).
Styling: This car defined "styling."

Photos taken in Byron Hills and Hillsdale, Illinois

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