1987 Toyota Celica GTS

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1987 Toyota Celica GT-S

Once I wrecked my Nova, I found this car for sale. It was pretty nice and had a remote start. I heavily upgraded the stereo, tinted the windows, etc. After owning it for a while, A girlfriend of mine got into an accident with it... which was actually a dream come true because insurance paid for a brand new paint job, it looked so incredibly good. I drove the nice looking car around for quite a while, and then decided to sell it because it was time for something new.

Engine: 3SGELC 2 Liter, 4 Cylinder, 16 Valve DOHC
Stereo: Sony Cassette deck directly wired to 10 disk Sony CD changer, Pioneer amp to power the 2-10" Pioneer subs, and a Hifonics 50 x 2 amp which powered JBL mids and highs.
Styling: Tinted windows and constantly waxed and clean.

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