Ice Storm

Ice Storm

Ice Storm (full size)


in 1999 F150 XLT

This photo was taken in Ankeny, Iowa with a Sony DSC-F717.

It's also on Flickr.

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  • Ever think about putting your Talon outside and using your garage for your truck?

    Josh posted

  • i think that's illegal in the state of iowa.

    i'd have to push it out onto the street for us to be able to get in/out of the garage, haha. which you're also not supposed to do during the winter in iowa (for snow plows).

    but - the good news is, i sold my talon and i think the guy's coming to get it next week.

    at that time, the bad news will be trying to fit my truck into the garage... it's gonna be tight.

    derek posted

  • Glad to hear you sold your Talon. It should be a bittersweet moment letting it go.

    Yeah I kinda wondered if it'd fit in your garage with the Escape. I think it would be worth the squeeze, though.

    Josh posted