Joey - the 14 year old, 4 pound dog

Joey - the 14 year old, 4 pound dog

Joey - the 14 year old, 4 pound dog (full size)

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with a Sony DSC-T33

This photo is part of the Bachelor Party Weekend album and was taken in Grimes, Iowa with a Sony DSC-T33.

It's also on Flickr.

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  • awww man. RIP, little soldier.

    derek posted

  • Thanks man, I really appreciate it. I forgot about this, that was three years ago. He looked good here, wasn't much left by the end.

    rico posted

  • poor joseph...he was a good little guy

    nick posted

  • dang, was he like 17 then? that is like cat life.

    derek posted

  • 17 and a couple of months...but he was down to 2 pounds when we took him in yesterday. He was about 4.5 in the picture...50% of him isn't much left...

    rico posted

  • I will pour out a dewski over lunch. That is a hell of a long time for a little dog to live.

    Cedric posted

  • The age of a dog is a clear gauge for the quality of its master.

    -Josh Lueck

    Josh posted

  • Josh, your quote makes me feel oh-so-much better after losing "little man." Joey wasn't exactly the kind of dog that most guys aspire to owning, but I must say that my little "surprise" for Eric 17 years ago (when he came back from a U2 concert), quickly became a beloved pet.

    Mary posted