Step 1. Admitting you have a problem.

Step 1. Admitting you have a problem.

Step 1. Admitting you have a problem. (full size)


with an Apple iPhone 4

This photo is part of the BrooxMobile album and was taken in Ankeny, Iowa with an Apple iPhone 4.

It's also on Flickr and Facebook.

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facebook comments

  • um ok you should see my closet way worse lol

    Katie Brown Short posted

  • Omg are those tshirts!!!?

    Juliet Thomas posted

  • yep. these are just my tees.

    Derek Brooks posted

  • ...and my cowboy boots

    Derek Brooks posted

  • At least it is organized! Your wife?

    Amanda Ford posted

  • no. that is all me. if my wife had a hand in this, there would only be 1 single stack on 1 shelf.

    Derek Brooks posted

  • Didn't you have a similar shot to this on your site, like, years ago?

    Mart Anthony posted

  • It was either tees or Soaps, I can't remember.

    Mart Anthony posted

  • If there was a therapy group, I'd be right there with you. My name is Joe, and I have a problem getting rid of t-shirts.

    Joe Wallace posted

  • There is seriously a jnco tee from 8th grade in there.

    Derek Brooks posted

  • Nice boots

    Kent Putz posted

  • Garage sale anyone?

    Shari Dana Goggin-Ward posted

  • I'm calling the TV show "Hoarders" to come and do an intervention!

    Rhonda Brooks posted

  • Is tha t my tshrit

    Kent Putz posted

flickr comments

  • This is roughly 3x the size of my entire wardrobe.

    ...But I will confess to a slight outerwear addiction. It's my one clothing weakness.

    ::mari:: posted

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