Tech nerds for Obama Photo by Clint James Ecker

Tech nerds for Obama Photo by Clint James Ecker

Tech nerds for Obama Photo by Clint James Ecker (full size)

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  • Dylan, you give me serious beard envy.

    Eli Reusch posted

  • I just wanted to thank each and every one of you!! Most of us have no idea how much work goes into a campaign, but you each worked so hard in your own way to be on the right side of history, knowing that not your names, but your work and passion, will be in the history books. Thank you!

    Kat Shaykin posted

  • Thank you all so much.

    Daniel X. O'Neil posted

  • Kat-any relation to an Al Shaykin?

    Lisa Poirier posted

  • thanks everyone! (hi mari)

    Maura McGovern posted

  • Awesome work kder, Harper and the rest of you all.

    Luke Shepard posted

  • Awesome that only the top of Dylan's head is visible.

    Dustin Henderlong posted

  • Nice job, crew!

    Jennifer Parello posted

  • Not that I know of, but I'm rather distant from that side of my family.

    Kat Shaykin posted

  • Like Like Like

    David Falck posted

  • Was looking for Justin on TV at headquarters on Tuesday night!

    Jill Darnell posted

  • You guys rock! Thank you so much for helping to make it happen :-)

    Ned Mathers posted

  • Thanks for you hard, hard work, Justin. Hooray!!

    Louise Engelstad posted

  • Aww Man... I live near this.... dang

    Jason Wesley posted

  • I miss you guys!

    Harry Mattison posted

  • what an experience!

    Linda Heidenblut Torres posted

  • Thank you!

    Jean-Paul Cozzatti posted

  • So cool. Thanks to all for hard work.

    Patricia Neal posted

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