Hospital vanity

Hospital vanity

Hospital vanity (full size)


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This photo is part of the BrooxMobile album and was taken with a HTC One.

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  • Prettiest dirty girl in this place!! Just practicing that left hand grip! I bet the occupational therapist would encourage it!!

    Kari Reynolds Brooks posted

  • I love this and your attitude! You guys are in my prayers :)

    Amy L. Weishaar posted

  • Kari, you are a badass.

    If you or Derek need anything while you are in Chicago, let me know. I'm flying home today from SF and am free to help. Dres is around, too. We love and are thinking of you both!

    Mari Huertas posted

  • Wow...your wife is pretty even in a hospital gown. That's impressive.

    Tara Alcazar posted

  • Still looking good!

    Scarlet Behrens posted

  • Werk.

    Jacqui Cheng posted

  • Love it! But hey, when you look better you feel a little better, so why not??

    Kimberly Bartell posted

  • Way to go Kari. You look Fabulous!!! XXOOX

    Joan Van Nest posted

  • Absolutely bring that gown home!

    Jeff Wingert posted

  • I make it a point to surround myself in dirty prettys... right Nicole Teague Murdock and Elizabeth Ditlevson Garman?

    Allie Peters posted

  • She is beautiful without makeup

    Doris Foulks Cowin posted

  • Good for you. Everything feels better when you know you look fabulous!!! <3

    Jenna Burke Schofield posted

  • Everything is better with some nail polish and mascara! You are rocking that hospital gown!

    Nicole Teague Murdock posted

  • A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

    Janet Richards Beem posted

  • You're beautiful

    Nicole 'Burrell' Reck posted

  • I love you, Kari:)

    Nancy Dunblazier posted

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