Back on 2 wheels

Back on 2 wheels

Back on 2 wheels (full size)

This photo is part of the BrooxMobile album and was taken in Ankeny, Iowa with a LG Nexus 5.

It's also on Flickr and Facebook.

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facebook comments

  • Love it!

    Michelle Inez Pohlmeyer posted

  • No more cat trike?

    Aaron Taraboletti posted

  • Oh, she's still got that cat. Spoiled rotten.

    Derek Brooks posted

  • Lol nothing wrong with having several bicycles. Atleast in my opinion

    Aaron Taraboletti posted

  • Good for you Kari!!

    Lori Perrigo posted

  • Looking good, Kari! Hope you're enjoying your break. :)

    Chris Mullins posted

flickr comments

  • Big fan of your work. Added on you Facebook! Would be an honour to have you on my list. (:

    M_AlPhotography posted

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