Got that syrup

Got that syrup

Got that syrup (full size)


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This photo is part of the BrooxMobile album and was taken in Des Moines, Iowa with a Google Pixel.

It's also on Flickr and Facebook.

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  • Sippin on some sizurp

    Kevin Switzer posted

  • I will tell you from experience, only bad things can happen mixing opiates and 400+ horsepower.

    Sean Vasey posted

  • Oh you're gonna wanna get a refill. That's not gonna be enough.

    Jonny Law posted

  • Liquid gold!

    Julie McDonald Switzer posted

  • Mmmph! Get them purple drank!

    Wesley Ng posted


    Ben Stockwell posted

  • Double cup lean, puke out a lung lean.

    Denton Ward posted

  • If it has codeine, you're gonna like it.

    Mark Johnson posted

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