Touchbar + dongle day!

Touchbar + dongle day!

Touchbar + dongle day! (full size)


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This photo is part of the BrooxMobile album and was taken in Des Moines, Iowa with an Apple iPhone 7.

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  • I'm probably going to touch my dongle later.

    Kevin Switzer posted

  • Exactly...get a purse/fanny pack...Ivan told me he'd make me a dongle-belt

    Gauri Sharma posted

  • At that point just get a dock. A dongle dock?

    Jesse Leckband posted

  • Omg yes! I have the touchbar (which seems like sheer witchcraft). I can't begin to fathom how the hell they coded that magic. I also have two dongles. They piss me off. Apple, let's go easy on the incessant switching of the USB ports, m'kay?

    Susie Brooks posted

  • My trackpad is already going out in mine. POS!

    Dustin Iverson posted

  • Oh god, the dongle nightmare is what is making me not want to upgrade. I already hate the number of dongles I have to use and I hate that stupid word!

    Elizabeth Reynolds Smithson posted

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