Arizona Christmas 2017

  • Christmas cigars on the bac porch
  • Mesa Flea Marketing
  • Gettin some Christmas drug rugs
  • Driving into an AZ sunset
  • Allie's fancy snack arrangement at Shannon's place
  • Some Cornell girls 1 comment
  • Nicole gettin her tattoo colored in
  • Doin some weird neck stuff
  • Christmas at the Reynolds winter home 2 comments
  • Bloody flights
  • Citrus gardens families
  • The Morris family
  • Reynolds family brunch stuff
  • Christmas Eve hot tubbin 4 comments
  • Arizona trailer park sunset
  • Arizona trailer park sunset
  • Opening presents in AZ
  • OG playstation hat
  • Garth Brooks has been immortalized 6 comments
  • Shoes!
  • Gettin that new Apple Watch
  • Settin up that new Apple watch
  • Opening gifts
  • Albums
  • Hangin in Arizona with some new rings and some bugles
  • Mario Kartin
  • Checking out their new Playstation socks
  • Showin off our playstation gear from Vic
  • Playstation gear stuff
  • Drug rugs from Santa
  • Christmas Drug rugs 10 comments
  • Christmas eve hangin
  • The Morris girls doin some birthday dancin
  • Gettin ready for that Christmas morning photo
  • Gettin those dogs ready for a photo
  • Merry Christmas from the Reynolds fam 10 comments

Photos from celebrating our first Christmas from Kari's parents' winter home.

Photos taken in December, 2017 in Mesa, Chandler, and Maricopa County, Arizona

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