Back in Public. Craig's Birthday

  • I don’t even know the last time I was in an Uber.
  • Friends. IRL
  • The crew
  • Gettin that shot
  • Craig O’Brien
  • It is so rad to eat food prepared and served by other people
  • Girlfriends
  • The boyz
  • First sugar free red bull and vodka in a long, long time
  • We got the dice
  • Snake eyes
  • These girls are ridic
  • A blow for good luck
  • Tia rolled a 21.
  • 21.
  • The moment Nicole rolled a 21
  • Nicole is about to take a shot
  • Nicole is very excited about this shot
  • Nicole's first and probably last game of 7-14-21
  • Welp. here we go.
  • 21. Jack
  • Jack.
  • 21. Jameson

Our first group outing after getting vaccinated. Patio beers, turned into a dive bar and a game of 7-14-21. It was exciting.

Photos taken in May, 2021 in Des Moines, Iowa

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