Bike MS 2017

  • Part of our crew at the High Trestle Trail Bridge 1 comment
  • Ridin over that bridge with our folks
  • First stop: bloodies 2 comments
  • Hangin with Kari's old Moulton crew 2 comments
  • Hanging at the Flat Tire
  • Thome has arrived 1 comment
  • Yusuf and his rad bike
  • Kari and Jeff catrikin
  • Yusuf tryin out the catrike
  • Elizabeth trying out the catrike
  • Arty workin on his sound system
  • Look at this man
  • Bikin with these American boys
  • Bikin into Ankeny from Slater
  • Pit stop at the Crafthaulers beer truck in Sheldahl
  • Trailside beer break
  • Next to the Sheldahl skyscraper
  • Brushin off after Arty took a little spill
  • Bikin with Kari
  • Headin toward the finish line with Kari

Another year of doing the Iowa Bike MS ride with some of our favorite peoples. Thanks for all of your support this year!

Photos taken in June, 2017 in Slater, Polk County, Madrid, Crocker, and Polk City, Iowa

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