Bike the Drive

  • Suburban microbrewery hoppin
  • Bikes loaded by 6am
  • Rollin down lake shore drive
  • Biking on Lake Shore Drive
  • Lake Shore drive bikin
  • Biking toward Lake Point Tower
  • Look at this rig
  • Pit stop at the field museum
  • Spied by Ivan!
  • Biking past Ivan and family!
  • Hi Ivan!
  • Back to the city
  • Passing Soldier field
  • bike-the-drive-34474
  • Lake Shore drive really is beautiful without cars on it
  • It felt like noon. It was 9am. We had a beer anyway
  • Grant Park pit stop
  • Coming up on the Chicago River
  • Chicago bikin
  • The morning silence of Lake Shore Drive without cars was pretty remarkable
  • Biking along the lakeshore
  • The cops eventually forced us off the road
  • We had to finish the ride on the trail... which was fine
  • That night we had family over for snacks n drinks at Jon and Liz's house
  • Homebrew and rum from Manuel
  • Roasting marshmallows on the grill, heh
  • I introduced the boys to space team.
  • Space team!!!
  • Space team!
  • Gamin

Some photos from a weekend in Chicago where we biked down Lake Short Drive with Jon and Liz.

Photos taken in May, 2018 in Chicago, Itasca, and Villa Park, Illinois

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