Birthday sushis in Nevada

  • Popped into Firetrucker and saw this photo of Dan. It hit kinda hard. He was quite a dude.
  • Got some sushi to eat for Kari's birthday
  • Birthday girl
  • Birthday stuff in Nevada
  • Rural suburbian sunset
  • Rural suburbian sunset
  • Jeff is goin through stuff
  • Sushi time
  • Lovers
  • Bout to crack open some sake that we brought back from Kofu
  • Birthday sake from Kofu, Yamanashi
  • Ready to pour that Sake
  • Oh yeah
  • Pourin
  • Facetiming with Vic and Chris
  • Late night bullshittin. First time staying the night at Jeff and Teresa's in Nevada

Celebrating Kari's 39th with family in Nevada

Photos taken in October, 2020 in Nevada, Alleman, and Ankeny, Iowa

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