Black Saddle Bike Delivery

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Mitch, one of my best hometown buddies, opened Black Saddle Bike Shop right when covid was becoming a thing. I asked him to build me a custom bike with little direction. The only criteria was to flex a little bit, fit my style, and use a frame built by Standard Byke Company - a company from our stomping grounds. Mitch selected every part and hand built this thing, right down to the spokes in the wheels. I could say a whole lot more about this dude, his appreciation of art, craftsmanship and the thought that he puts into everything.. but I’ll just say that I’m proud. Of him and this ride. It looks low key but is incredibly well thought out, meticulously built, and way over the top on every component. Wireless shifters. Hydraulic disk brakes. Carbon fork and crank arms. Blue accents that match my car. And a damn gold chain. It’s so ridiculous. I love it. Support small businesses. Support craftsmanship. Most importantly, support your friends.

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