BMW Komen Drive 05

  • The hood of a BMW 645 coupe with signatures of all the drivers
  • Driver Signatures on the BMW 645 Coupe
  • I got the "Under 25" stamp... so I couldn't drive the 6 or 7 series cars :-(
  • Driving the BMW 545i - Probably the closest I'll get to driving an M5... at least before I'm 25.
  • ROO's and Mine
  • Nehru getting in the BMW 645i Convertible
  • Nehru driving the BMW 645i
  • Nehru and I in the BMW 645i
  • The Jetson Home in Waukee
  • BMW 645i Convertible.  This car ruled sooo much.
  • The Jetson Home in Waukee
  • The 3.0 BMW Z4 I drove
  • Driving the BMW Z4
  • Driving the BMW Z4
  • BMW 645i
  • Caught up to the BMW 645i

More info in this blog: The Ultimate Drive

Photos taken in August, 2005 in Clive, Urbandale, and Grimes, Iowa

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