Boom Boom Huck Jam

  • The line outside of Wells Fargo Arena
  • The view right when we walked in.
  • Ronnie Faisst
  • Blurry pic of Mat Hoffman
  • Rune Glifberg with big air
  • Tony Hawk about to drop in 1 comment
  • Andy Macdonald grabbing the deck after a flip trick
  • Tony Hawk flying out of the halfpipe
  • The view from our 3rd row seats - Hawk doing a 5050 on the coping and Lincoln Ueda ollying 1 comment
  • Lincoln Ueda getting way up while Tony Hawk points to the sky
  • This dude did 10 back to back flip (flares) in a row
  • Tony Hawk
  • Tony Hawk 5 comments
  • Rick Thorne - in the camera's face!
  • Rick Thorne and DJ Aero (Chester Deitz of Methods of Mayhem)
  • Moto-X - I had to leave my seat to get these photos because they were jumping straight over my head 1 comment
  • One handed seat grab
  • Moto-X guys are pretty insane 1 comment
  • double backflips 2 comments
  • Rick Thorne all up in your face again
  • Andy Macdonald and tony hawk playing follow the leader
  • Tony Hawk, dropping in with his own deck, jumping onto Andy Macdonald's deck, and then grinding t...
  • That is a 20 foot high quarter pipe with a 6 foot jeep on top of it
  • Tony Hawk doing a flip with 10 feet of air off the 20 foot ramp 1 comment

More info in this blog: Boom Boom Huck Birthday

Photos taken in Des Moines, Iowa

Album added 15 years ago (Jul 15, 2005).