Bre'anna, Micah, and Grandpa's 80th

  • Meetin Micah
  • Jax tests the pool
  • Micah tries out the new countertop 1 comment
  • Flyin the drone around mom's place 1 comment
  • Sunset at Mom's
  • John got a new drone.
  • Surprise! 1 comment
  • Happy 80th to grandpa
  • Birthday tacos at Curt and Lorraine's
  • Ashley shows off her Escalade
  • Grandkids (minus Ethan)
  • Great Grandkids 1 comment
  • Rollercoasterin
  • Party people 2 comments
  • Family pics
  • A fancy candle
  • I've done a lot of mowing in this back yard.
  • Bout to eat some of this pizza 1 comment
  • Crazy man
  • Micah gets a birthday cupcake

Visiting the Quad Cities to hang out with family for Grandpa John's surprise 80th birthday party.

Photos taken in July, 2016 in Rock Island County, Andalusia, and Milan, Illinois

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