Caeli's Wedding

  • Caeli gets married!
  • Catholic wedding stuff
  • I really should have picked a better backdrop for this beautiful woman
  • Cocktail hour
  • Hair down. It was hot
  • kbroox
  • This beautiful mullet man was not slapping that woman. But it sure looks like he was.
  • Mary Coffin's lemon drop martinis
  • Me and Kari
  • Very excited
  • Havin a gay old time
  • Body shot
  • Sign shot
  • Kari and the Coffin kids
  • Caeli and Kari
  • An ice sculpture of the dogs
  • I love this piece of art
  • Hey
  • Guts
  • Mulberry Street Tavern
  • Bitters n stuff
  • Kari is wearing heels. Big ones.
  • Look at this woman
  • fancy boy

The flower girl from our wedding got married and we got to go! This was our first post-covid wedding. It was both overwhelming and awesome.

Photos taken in June, 2021 in Lee Township, Des Moines, and Bloomfield Township, Iowa

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