Cedar Deck Box

  • Got some lumber
  • Lumber
  • Rough plans for the deck box
  • Makin parts
  • Rails and Stiles
  • Box coming together
  • I tried to assemble the box so that all of the pocket holes would be hidden
  • Cladding on
  • Shelf attached
  • Change of plans. Need a spot for concealed, inset hinges
  • Lid: on
  • Build: wrapped up
  • 400 screws and a pint of glue later
  • Crispy miters
  • I wonder what these miters will look like after sitting outside for a bit
  • Time for oil
  • Oily box
  • Like a glove

Kari and I wanted a small table to set a plant and a deck speaker on, and then we got new deck furniture that came with covers... so we also wanted a place to stash those. I couldn't find anything that fit our space the way I wanted, so I decided to just build a combination: deck box + plant shelf + speaker shelf.

Photos taken from March to April, 2021 in Bloomfield Township and Des Moines, Iowa

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