Chicago Friends n Family

  • Flash/Lens Test
  • Hanging out at Steph's
  • Marianne and her friend whose name I cannot remember
  • At Steph's
  • A whole ton of cheese
  • Part of Steph's Place
  • At Steph and Manuel's
  • Jon's Mazda RX7 with a Corvette LS1 in it.  wtf
  • At Injoy
  • At Injoy
  • At Injoy
  • At Injoy
  • Patio Wifey
  • Jon's Snake
  • Harper Telling the Jewish Dude Why He Doesn't Buy Judaism
  • Harper's Ridiculous Mustache 2 comments
  • Tag and Harper
  • Kari and Tag
  • Dudes
  • Harper and The High Times Chick
  • Dudes
  • Greg and Harper 1 comment
  • How They Do
  • Eep! Shots!
  • I can't remember this dude's name
  • Wifey
  • Singing
  • Wearing Harper's Fancy Mexican Cowboy Shirt
  • Tag Wearing Harper's Fancy Shirt
  • Tag n Jon
  • Claudia Wearing Harper's Shirt
  • Claudia and Harper
  • Jon Doing Karate With Some Dude
  • Greg and the High Times Chick
  • Tag and Kari
  • Red Hair Matt Talking to Harper after he got slapped
  • Harper and his busted glasses
  • Harper and Claudia
  • Harper Talking to Steve
  • Missing His Glasses

A visit to Chicago for Steph's condo-warming party prompted much visiting with family and friends.

More info in this blog: Slapping Harper With The Froehlichs

Photos taken in September, 2008 in Chicago, Illinois

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