Chuck Does Vegas

  • Partying at Drai's
  • Sittin by the pool outside of Drai's
  • Looking out from the back of Drai's
  • We were "lucky" enough to get the "Juggling Taxi"
  • Walkin down Fremont
  • Chuck meets some more nice ladies on Fremont
  • Golden Gate and the Plaza
  • Walking into the Heart Attack Grill. At this point, we had no idea what we were getting ourselves...
  • Suited up in hospital gowns at the Heart Attack Grill
  • This is a nice urinal
  • This hilarious waitress was singing Karaoke to Chuck in an effort to get him to also sing Karaoke
  • Holy cow.
  • Jeff didn't finish his burger, so our waitress paddled the shit out of him
  • Chuck weighs in and gets ready to sing Karaoke for the whole restaurant
  • Chuck singing, "I'm too sexy" on stage, haha
  • Chuck gets paddled by our waitress after not finishing his meal 1 comment
  • Chuck gets a photo with more nice ladies on Fremont street
  • The end of Fremont Street
  • This was a very tall skeleton
  • Gettin ready to zip line down Fremont St
  • Chuck n Jeff zip line down Fremont St
  • Chuck with a couple show girls on Fremont St
  • One last pose with some girls on Fremont St

When we asked Chuck what he wanted to do for his 40th birthday, he said, "Vegas!" ... so, we went to Vegas.

Photos taken in October, 2017 in Nevada and Iowa

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