Clear Lake 2017

  • Wingert traded in his truck. lol
  • We've arrived. First stop: Lunch at the Landing
  • Tents up
  • Games goin up
  • "Yo babe. Just chillin by the van"
  • Gettin camp all setup
  • Goin for a hike
  • Sunset over clear lake
  • Sittin back and enjoying this sunset
  • Clear Lake Sunset
  • "I bet people pay high dollar for these things in fancy restauraunts" ... cookin up some acorn st...
  • Dinner
  • Watchin the Iowa / Iowa State game at Rumorz
  • Hangin at Rumorz
  • Takin Josh's canoe out for a lil paddle
  • Climbin the wall at the Baptist camp near our campground, haha
  • Climbin that wall
  • Goin high
  • Chuck relaxin by the beach
  • This is a very long dock
  • The bloody marys at the VFW came with a little pork sandwich on top, haha

Another "camping" trip with my college buds.

Photos taken in September, 2017 in Cerro Gordo County, Ventura, Clear Lake, and Ankeny, Iowa

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