Closet Cleaning

  • Old PC Stuff 1 comment
  • My Old Iguana Terrarium - currently for sale
  • Kari's old Keys Ab Roller 6 comments
  • Stressed Diet Coke Bottle 3 comments
  • Justice League - Batman, Superman, Martian Manhunter, and Hawkgirl 1 comment
  • These guys had buttons in their backs so you could box 1 comment
  • PEZ Dispensers
  • Crocodile Hunter Toy 1 comment
  • I built this in Jr. High
  • My family has had this orange bell forever 2 comments
  • I got these little FM jukeboxes from Payless Cashways
  • I don't know where this fish came from - I've had it since I was a kid
  • This is an RC doorbell that I got for my bedroom when I was a kid
  • An old putting practice ball return
  • POG Cases
  • POG Slammers 3 comments
  • POGs
  • POGs 3 comments
  • Some of my favorite POGs, haha
  • I have no idea where these rollerblades came from
  • My Old CCM 101 Hockey Skates
  • A really bad space heater
  • Some Lamps I had in my APT
  • Some Old VHS Tapes
  • My Old Monitor
  • My Old Monitor
  • My Old Monitor
  • My Old Huffy 1 comment
  • Gigs of Jaz Disks 1 comment
  • Designed for Microsoft Windows NT and Windows 98
  • College Homebuilt PC 1 comment
  • Sony 5 Disc CD Changer 1 comment
  • Floppy Disks 1 comment
  • Novatron 240 1 comment
  • A ton of old cologne, etc 1 comment
  • Ecko, Colorado Avalanche, Riverdale Rams and Pioneer hats.  The fitted ones no longer fit due to ...
  • My old VX-2000 1 comment
  • My old Rebel 450D XSi 1 comment
  • My first computer - covered in stickers
  • My first computer - covered in stickers

The more I think about how people live in big cities, the more I realize how much junk I have. Most of this just stays in boxes and moves with me every time I get a new place. And each time I sort of enjoy going through it. But now - I can't stand it anymore and it's time to get rid of it.

So here's a random collection of photos from the shit that I've stored for years. Everything pictured is either thrown away, taken to good will, or sold.

Photos taken from November, 2007 to November, 2014 in Ankeny, Iowa

Album added 12 years ago (Oct 31, 2007).