Colorado Cabin Quarantine

  • 11-mile canyon road
  • Heading back toward fairplay on Highway 9
  • Woke up to 8" of snow on the ground
  • A snowy morning
  • Garth had some stomach issues and had to go out a lot that night/morning. Kari still, could not b...
  • Dirty, snow covered Range Rover
  • Snow walks
  • Snow + hot tub + bloody mary... Kari is in her happy place
  • Hot tub bloodies
  • Afternoon snoozes
  • Grillin out in the snow and havin a Coors
  • Starting our sketchy journey home
  • Snowy views on the drive home
  • Snowy mountain drive
  • The amount of snow on the trees was v pretty and looked fake
  • Mountain snow driving
  • It's crazy how many times the weather can change when driving through the mountains
  • Back in Iowa

Kari and I had planned to go snowboarding over her Spring break, but the COVID-19 virus had other plans... We still drove to the cabin that we'd reserved and just used it as a getaway quarantine.

Photos taken in March, 2020 in Colorado and Iowa

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