Cornell Homecoming 2003

  • Drinking Games
  • Drinking Games
  • Watch Food Diet
  • Nathan does this
  • Wingert
  • Josh hiding a cigarette in his nest
  • Why wouldn't this happen?
  • Destroying Balloons
  • Destroying Balloons
  • Skating in the apartment
  • Ollie That Binder!
  • I wish the photo of him perched up there yelling at people would have been more clear
  • Nathan
  • Nathan
  • Unabomber
  • I win
  • Inside an empty beer bottle
  • Maria and Jeff
  • Nextel with antenna booster, yessss
  • Me and Pete
  • Brad and Wingert
  • Josh and Jamie
  • Nathan and Maggie at the Hilltop
  • Lindsey and Josh hanging out in the Hilltop Kitchen
  • Maria
  • Jeff and I
  • Delt House!
  • Kinnera and Jeff
  • Delt House
  • In Kari's Bed
  • Kickflip off a narrow ledge in Mt Vernon
  • Kickflip off a narrow ledge in Mt Vernon
  • Broken Deck
  • Broken Deck
  • Mise well try 1 more time with the broken deck
  • Roping off the No Fly Zone
  • In the No Fly Zone
  • Nextel
  • In the No Fly Zone
  • Surfing the Picnic Table

Photos from Cornell's 2003 Homecoming weekend. The year after an AXE died at Collins Plaza. This forced homecoming to be on Cornell's campus.

It was a really weird weekend where Kari's friends were super mad that my friends and I were visiting. So we weren't allowed to hang out Saturday night... Instead we roped off a "No Fly Zone" in the tri-dorm area and partied in there.

Photos taken in Mount Vernon, Iowa

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