Country Cruise

  • Gettin out of town
  • Single lane stuff
  • Pammel State Park
  • First time fording the Jeep
  • Fording the river at Pammel State Park
  • Pammel State Park Tunnel
  • Found a B-road
  • Gravel roads
  • Winter river views
  • A pretty fun vehicle
  • Holliwell Covoered Brridge
  • More b-roads
  • This road got a little soft in the middle
  • More dirt roads!
  • Dirt road stuff
  • A big boy
  • Muddy boy
  • Clumps of mud all over the new steps
  • Washed off a lil bit of mud

On the last day of my winter break, I decided to get off the pavement with a country cruise in the Jeep.

Photos taken in January, 2020 in Lincoln Township, Bloomfield Township, Union Township, Bevington, Jefferson Township, Scott Township, Jackson Township, Martensdale, and Madison County, Iowa

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