After the second session

After the second session

After the second session (full size)


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This photo was taken in Ankeny, Iowa with a Sony DSC-F717.

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  • I like the three-dimensional effect created by the contrast of the white skin and the really pink skin.

    cedric posted

  • hopefully that same effect happens when the pink skin becomes gray skin.

    derek posted

  • you really should have left more room on your shoulder blades for the script Crown Royal

    comps posted

  • So.... let me just say, you are brave... that is one huge back tatoo! It does looks cool. Makes me thirsty for a Bud though.

    Kraus posted

  • yeah, I really just got this tattoo because I love alcohol.

    derek posted

  • It's looking really good! I love the shading already (even though it's still red) I can't wait to see it when it's all finished!!

    Tara posted

  • thats a pretty cool tat but why did u get i so big?

    ben posted