Delt House, etc

  • Jeff's Boobs
  • @ Subway
  • Snot
  • Wingert
  • Maria Rogge
  • Come on!
  • Koch
  • Wingert
  • Chad's Pinky
  • Burke and I
  • Jamie Lomhiem, Amanda Ekins, Me, Jamie, Eric Boos, and Jay Rowland
  • Josh and Jolene @ Joe's
  • These dudes wanted to fight me, so I took their picture
  • Josh and Tom goofing around
  • A bunch of cops thought Josh and Tom were really fighting and wanted to take them to jail, haha
  • Tom, after almost being taken to jail for wrestling Josh outside
  • Jeff, Brandon DeCap, and Morris 1 comment
  • This dude just walked into the delthouse and started punching holes in the cieling

A rather eventful day. Subway, hanging out with Gammas, Joe's, Delt house, and some H.S. friends visited

Photos taken in Mount Vernon, Iowa

Album added 18 years ago (Oct 19, 2001).