Drea and Yusuf!

  • Some rad girls 1 comment
  • Perks of having your wedding at an old firehouse!
  • Drea slid down that pole so fast that my photo of her was just a straight white blur, lol
  • Hangin out in this old firehouse
  • I can only imagine what Wiz is saying here...
  • Nicole and some Cornell chicks 3 comments
  • Having a grand ol time in the washroom with Craig. 1 comment
  • When the firehouse doors open and a taco truck awaits outside
  • Dinner!
  • This Tamale Spaceship truck was a beautiful sight
  • A beautiful night and a great venue to celebrate Drea and Yusuf
  • On the patio 1 comment
  • Firehouse patio
  • The afterparty

A few photos I snapped during Drea and Yusuf's amazing wedding

Photos taken in September, 2016 in Chicago, Illinois

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