Eatin and shootin for Mathew's birthday

  • Birthday Brunch!
  • Bout to go do some shootin
  • Shootin my old .410 shotgun
  • What a hilarious little gun
  • Takin aim with the .22
  • That scoped .22 was rad
  • Guns in the woods
  • Killin bottles n stuff
  • Father-n-son shootin
  • Shootin the long boy
  • Explorin
  • Targets
  • A tiny, tiny bird nest
  • The prairie
  • Feather
  • Shootin
  • A giant, uprooted piece of driftwood? Very far from water.
  • A good day

Mathew turned 66. Vicki made us a good brunch. The girls went shopping and the boys went shooting. It was fun to shoot my childhood shotgun, as well as Mathew and Gabe's 22s.

Photos taken in November, 2021 in Madrid and Johnston, Iowa

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