Entryway remodel

  • Before: the entryway and front door
  • The old entryway and its odd use of space.
  • The main entryway (before). This awkward use of space (where the closet and vanity are) was rewor...
  • Expanding the master bathroom into the entryway and angling the master bedroom door. 4 comments
  • This bright ass pencil is the only tool that I can always find in this mess of a Jobsite... Thank...
  • Front door + storm door before
  • Front door: before
  • The original hand painted wood grain steel door.
  • Goodbye old door.
  • Hello, new door
  • Hello, new door.
  • Finishing that entry door
  • Finished new entry door!
  • This fits a little better... 3 comments
  • Sunday fun day. Building a small coat rack for guests. 8 comments
  • When you're impatient with the oil-based stain, you get a super blotchy coat rack.

Photos taken from October, 2015 to December, 2017 in Des Moines, Iowa

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